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1869 Map of Clifton

Shows the canal and two feeder ponds, Mummert's and Blair's
1902 USGS topographic map 15 minute
1912 City of Cincinnati topographic map, with Blair's Pond in center. Note feeder canal.
1914 USGS 15' topographic map
Map of the canal and its ponds as they would have been in the 1900-1915 period. From "Playmates of the Towpath" by Charles Ludwig 1929

Sanbourne fire insurance map 1922


Shows old alignment of Clifton Ave

Sanbourne fire insurance map 1937


Shows new alignment of Clifton Ave

CAGIS topography 2010

With property boundaries. Note old Clifton Ave alignment can be seen as well as some of the route of the canal

CAGIS property lines 2010

CAGIS streets 2010

Sewer alignment 1912-13.

subsequently revised

(large tif file)

Clifton sewer map