Figures and photographic plates from Report of the Tribunal appointed to inquire into the disaster at Aberfan

HM Stationery Office 1966

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Figure 1 Ordnance survey map of 1919 showing streams and springs on hillslope above Aberfan before mining

Figure 1a Springs are emphasized

A mapB

Figure 2  Geological Map of the area in Figure 1.

Figure 2a Color version. Note mudstone layer at top of Rhonda Beds.

C geologyD

Figure 3  Geological cross section of the area

Figure 3a Color version with spring located. Rhonda mudstone prevents downwards flow; glacial clay makes additional flow barrier. (see enlargement)

E x-sectF

Figure 4  Topographic map of the tip complex showing positions of drainages

Figure 4a

G topoH

Figure 5   Street plan of Aberfan showing extent of flow

Figure 5a Clean up at the village school





Figure 6   Similar slide that occurred at Cilfynydd in 1939

Figure 7   Tailings flow at Ty Mawr in 1961 and 1965


Ty Mawr debrsi flow


Plate 1   Tips from directly overhead, May 1963

Plate 1a shows locations of headscarps of earlier slides

M tiff          jpeg N
Figure 8. Key to plate 1 O key1P
Plate 2    View of colliery and tips shortly before the disaster Q Pre-slideR
Plate 3    View of tips, 1964 S TipsT
Plate 4 & 5 Aerial photograph from the east on the day of the disaster (Oct 21st, 1966) U                     jpeg high_angle_aerialV
Plate 6    View of tips after the disaster showing drainage works W                    jpeg drainageX
Plate 7    View of the slope three hours after the disaster. Shows flow-slide with central mud-run. Y                    jpeg from_above

Plate 8     Tips from directly overhead -- two days after the disaster

Figure 9  Key to plate 8