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Location - Georgia

Age (of portore) - 28 Ma

Original size - 225 million tonnes of Mn


Kuleshov, V.N., and Dombrovskaya, Zh.V., 1997, Manganese deposits of Georgia: Communication 1. Geological features and isotopic composition of carbonate manganese ore from the Chiatura and Kvirila deposits : Lithology and Mineral Resources, v. 32, p. 249-267.

Varentsov, I.M., and Rakhmanov, V.P., 1980, Manganese deposits of the USSR (a review), in Varentsov, I.M., and Grasselly, Gy., eds., Geology and Geochemistry of Manganese: Stuttgart, E. Schweizerbart’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, v. 2, p. 319-392.

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(photo by Daro Sulakauri)


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