Points of Contact

State and National Surveys

Kentucky Geological Survey, Lexington  www.uky.edu/KGS/

895-323-0510 mcrawford@uky.edu

895.323.0506 wandrews@uky.edu

Ohio Division of Geological Survey, Columbus www.ohiodnr.com/geosurvey

614-265-6576  email contact

Indiana Geological Survey, Bloomington  www.igs.indiana.edu

812.855.7636  email contact




The National Resource Conservation Service has an office in almost every county of the region and provide detailed soil maps and tables of engineering properties of the soil.  www.nrcs.usda.gov


University Departments

University of Cincinnati Department of Geology

PO Box 210013 Cincinnati OH 45221

513-556-3732      www.artsci.uc.edu/geology


University of Cincinnati School of Advanced Structures College of Engineering

PO  Box 210071 Cincinnati OH 45221

513-556-3648  www.sas.ceas.uc.edu


University of Kentucky


Indiana University


Other organizations

Hillside Trust of Hamilton County

513.855.7636 www.hillsidetrust.org

Eric Russo – eric.hillsidetrust@fuse.net

The Northern Kentucky Planning Commission

859.331.8980 www.nkapc.org


Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors